2022 Vulnerability Management Webinar Recording

Member Fee:  $150
Non-Member Fee:  $250

Speaker: CapinTech

Several major vulnerabilities made the news over the past year, and headlines related to the SolarWinds, Kaseya, and Log4J vulnerabilities were rampant. Vulnerabilities are not new, and organizations combat them every day. But the visibility of several issues over the past year has reminded us how critical vulnerability management is to the security of our banks. In this webinar, we’ll discuss recent vulnerabilities, how your vendors can impact you, and various controls to help you identify, mitigate, and respond to vulnerabilities.

Topics include:

  • Discuss recent vulnerabilities and evaluate how zero-day vulnerabilities and vendor issues can impact your organization  
  • Review controls and processes that can aid in the proactive identification of vulnerabilities 
  • Identify baseline controls that help with ongoing mitigation of vulnerabilities, including steps that can be taken to manage vulnerability risks arising from reliance on third parties
  • Apply areas discussed within your bank to enhance your vulnerability management practices 
6/22/2022 - 12/22/2022

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