2022 Annual ID Theft Training & Other Webinar Recording

Member Fee:  $165 per connection 
Non-Member Fee:  $265 per connection 

Speaker: Debbie Crawford, gettechnical, Inc.

During this program we will conduct staff training to detect and prevent four big crimes against your customer. We will look at the red flags and scenarios for Elder Abuse, Identity Theft, Business Email Compromise Schemes and Human Trafficking. We will look at the misuse of POAs, Cash, Fake Emails, Romantic Scams and more. Learn what the response of your financial institution should be when these activities hit our accounts and our customers.  Two of the most disturbing crimes in our country involve harm to those who are being smuggled into the country and those who are exploited by human trafficking. Learn how big the crime is in the US and what our response should be. Learn what the differences in these two crimes are and how we can detect these criminals in the banking system.

Topics include:
             Red Flags for Elder Abuse
             Privacy Issues in Elder Fraud
             Romantic Scams, POAs, debit card abuse in elders
             Identity Theft programs
             Use of ITIN after SSN
             Stealing purses and writing bad checks is back
             How to detect bad identification
             New Cyber Crimes on the New SAR are focused on business email attacks and compromises
             Learn how good wire procedures can prevent this
             What is human trafficking?
             What is human smuggling?
             What are the red flags for each of these crimes?
             How can we respond as a financial intuition?
             Learn how your customers hide and disguise transactions
             Filing Suspicious Activity Reports

5/23/2022 - 11/23/2022

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