2021 Call Report Preparation Virtual Seminar Recording

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This recording is from a 2-day instructor led program held on February 11-12 via Zoom. Recordings are 6 MP4 links. Electronic materials will be sent as well.

The Call Report is constantly changing, producing confusion and many questions. Extensive changes took place over the course of the past few years and there are more on the horizon. Our recent challenges related to the economics crisis under COVID-19 have added to the reporting burden with changes impacting all financial institutions.

This virtual training will provide basic training for new preparers and include extensive coverage of new and complex issues for experienced preparers. New, proposed, and revised changes will be presented in summary form at the beginning of the seminar with detailed discussion over the course of the two-days as we work through the schedules impacted by the changes applicable in current reporting as well as proposed reporting in the future.

In addition, some of the schedules will be covered in pre-recorded audio that will be available to all participants in order to allow for a deeper dive into some of the schedules that are applicable only to banks with certain activities. Refer to the schedule below for information about which schedules will be covered with pre-recorded audio.

Participants will receive handout materials that will be referred to throughout the seminar in support of the agenda items. The FFIEC 041 and 051 forms will be used in the presentation and materials.

2/11/2021 - 8/11/2021

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