2020 Regulation E Review and Update Manual

Member Fee: $190
Non-Member Fee: $390

Speaker: Susan Costonis, Compliance Consulting & Training for Financial Institutions

This seminar will help you understand the Regulation E requirements, including: 

  • The basic disclosure requirements of Reg E and the definitions that guide the regulation.
  • How to determine if a customer is liable for an unauthorized transaction and how to conduct investigations into alleged errors.
  • What the initial EFT (electronic fund transfer) disclosures must include and requirements to change the terms of your agreement.
  • Case studies of investigation claims will help you understand the four investigation time periods; providing provisional credit; the notice process for investigating claims and sample letters; suggestions to calculate liability for unauthorized transactions; and tips for separating valid claims from those that don’t require error resolution.
  • Learn if your bank is paying claims that could be denied within the guidelines of Reg E while also making sure that legitimate error resolution is being handled properly. Learn how to use investigation results effectively.
9/10/2020 - 9/10/2021

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