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Contact: Terry Rooker
5100 Poplar Ave Ste 711
Memphis, TN 38137-0711
Tel. (901) 529-4765
Fax: (901) 523-3620

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CRA Credit

CRA Partners

CRA Partners is a turnkey CRA compliance program powered by the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation. The Foundation operates Senior Crimestoppers, a nationwide crime prevention program educating and safeguarding against theft, abuse and neglect. 

Our mission is to provide protection and an enhanced quality of life for vulnerable senior housing residents through a meaningful turnkey CRA compliance program for community focused banks.

CRA Partners Guarantees Credit

  • CRA-qualified loan and investment test credit
  • 100% turnkey solution, no administrative burden 
  • Flexible, low-risk funding options
  • Detailed LMI documentation for CRA exam
  • Opportunity to earn service test credit
  • Endorsed by ICBA, ABA and 30 state bankers associations