365 to Rich Bank Shadow Program

Program Details

365 to Rich Bank Day is a great program for high school seniors to spend a day shadowing a banker.  The last two weeks of October are designated as the time frame for the 365 to Rich Bank Day. The purpose is to introduce banking as a career option and to provide financial literacy resources to the student. Click here to see pictures from the 2019 365 to Rich Bank Day.

During the bank shadow day, the student visits each department of the bank, meets senior management and shadows the banker contact for the day.  

The name, 365 to Rich, comes from the actions that take place after the shadow day when the student will receive a daily text for 365 days on ways to become “rich” in all ways such as money, work, knowledge, service, relationships, etc.  

If you and your bank are interested in participating, please complete this response form below to receive the following documents:

  • Sample letter to the teacher who will recommend the student(s) for your 365 to Rich Bank Shadow Day
  • Student Application that needs to be completed, signed by student, parent and teacher
    • Please note: The completed application needs to be emailed to LBA, either to Ginger Laurent or Lauren Brown prior to your 365 to Rich Bank Shadow Day 
  • Sample 365 to Rich Bank Shadow Day Schedule
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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